Ithaka: The fight to free Julian Assange, this Sunday

All credit to ITV and Dartmouth Films in London for an ITV showing this Sunday, 21 May, of Ithaka, the moving story of Julian Assange’s family’s struggle to get freedom for Julian.

When I last saw Julian in Belmarsh prison, where he is held awaiting extradition to the US, it was clear he survived on hope that the public in sane societies would see through the grotesque charade of his persecution and come to his aid.

Julian is a political prisoner.

That is not a rhetorical term; his extraordinary story is the collapse of justice for those who dissent against the state in declared democracies. It signals the demise of truth-telling in public life and of independent journalism.

Please support Julian by watching on Sunday: ITV at 22.20. Then speak out for his freedom. It could be yours.

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