Daily Mirror, 26.2.15

With his slit-eyed view of the universe
in a malevolent burqua: knife raised
poised for the camera
his baptism is blood, not water
revenge, not love: on Obama, on anyone
who is fodder for the cause
of the Anti-Isis, Christ.

No river where he stands
no wild honey either
and no Word: only sanctified murder.

Believe it: Emwazi, an ordinary guy
only slightly tall, playing football
then cyberspace before the guillotine falls
for Terror’s Reign of Now.

And he’s one of us:
he’s your rage that rages
your judgement without mercy
searing sun-eyed
he may even have your Christian name.
(He has mine).

John the Loveless: he’s our lovelessness
John the Hate-Filled: he’s our blindness
with no woman by his side to honour,
only the rape of himself.

Believe it: he’s been destroyed by an archetype
an idea that cannot be human or realized
but he will die for it—
Muhammad Thanatos who only expects
a bullet one day between his eyes
to punctuate his petrol mind.

Objectified, once a person
wakes in hell as a person
stripped of all disguise
ready for the taste of immortal fire—
his soul disgorged, a wound
that nothing on earth can heal.

Meanwhile, Herodias wants his head on a plate
an eye for ten eyes. You can understand why.

But can our hatred die with him ?
What can we sacrifice ?

Jay Ramsay
Picture Nick Victor


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