Just Stop Oil Occupy Westminster!

11AM October 1st & 2nd: Euston, Paddington & Waterloo Stations or find start location here: https://weallwanttojuststopoil.com/find-your-start-location/

Let’s keep up the pressure!
3rd Onwards meet at Downing Street (Whitehall end) 11AM each day.

We are not prepared to just watch while they destroy everything we love. We’re done with begging. Voting changes nothing. We are going to stop new oil whether those in power agree or not. As citizens, as humans, as parents and children we have every right under British law to protect ourselves and those we love. This is the moment, we are the last generation that can solve this. Will you step up and join us? If we all come together we can do this. We can Just Stop Oil.

We have a plan to stop new oil and we want you to get involved.

WHY?: Our dependence on oil and gas has caused the worst cost of living crisis in 40 years, but this autumn your Government is going to licence NEW fossil fuel extraction adding more fuel to the fire of climate collapse, while on October 1st the the price of energy will be increased again pushing millions more families into fuel poverty. This nightmare will not end until we take matters into our own hands. No one is going to build the world we want other than ourselves, our unions and our movements.

WHAT?: On October 1st thousands of supporters of the Just Stop Oil Coalition will march from different points across London, congregating in Westminster. Will you step up and join us?

On October the 2nd we will return to collectively block Westminster in order to demand that the Government puts an end to new oil.

From October 3rd we will OCCUPY WESTMINSTER, week after week, until we win. Small regional teams will block roads and risk arrest for our actions. If you want to join on the day, we welcome new people. meet at Downing Street (Whitehall end) 11AM each day. We welcome other groups fighting for climate and social justice to hold demonstrations during this time.

More information and updates at https://juststopoil.org/

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2 Responses to Just Stop Oil Occupy Westminster!

    1. No to Extinction Rebellion which was started by the CIA in Costa Rica. Hypocrisy of Extinction Rebellion founder’s 11,000-mile trip to Costa Rica as she boasted of taking a luxury long-haul holiday on social media.

      XR leader Gail Bradbrook had £2,500 stay at New Life Iboga resort in Costa Rica. There is no climate crisis. Do your research.

      Comment by Dave Lawton on 30 September, 2022 at 6:20 pm
    2. Just Stop Oil makes it sound deceptively simple, but what is it to be replaced by? I had a quick look at the website but couldn’t see any suggestions. There seems to be something funny going on about energy supplies. Is it really possible that everyone put so much time and effort into picking a fight with Moscow but nobody ever considered that Moscow might cut off the oil and gas? Will higher energy bills make nuclear power more acceptable? Question everything.

      Comment by Tim on 3 October, 2022 at 11:58 am

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