Doc Amygdala


Hello doc, don’t often see you in the pub.

Good to see you, Judge.

Even the legal profession have to take time off for a drink. Strange business with the horse, Doc.

What horse Judge?

Well the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, riding a horse that was given to a journalist by the police.

Nothing wrong with that Judge.

Well maybe it’s my legal mind, but why did they give the journalist a horse? Was it just being pensioned off, or was it in return for some kind of ……………..well favour?

Our police aren’t like that Judge.

Interesting you should say that doc. I’m getting worried about the doctors!

Most doctors can’t afford to ride Judge.

No Doc, I’m talking about favours. All too often some doctor gets up in Court, and talks complete nonsense to me. Tells me that somebody who has a pain in the neck, for example, is going to be disabled for the rest of their lives. No x-ray, no diagnostic tests, just that the litigant has been out of work for 5  years and told a doctor that he’s got a pain in the neck.

Judge you’re getting a bit jaded, we doctors like to give patients the benefit of the doubt, we are a caring profession.

Look doc, the world is changing. If the litigant says he’s got a pain and can’t work he gets £400 a week for the rest of his life. If the doc tells me he’s got a pain; he gets a couple of thousand, and the solicitors, they get five, where does it stop? What I really want to say is that the solicitors are obviously lying, the doctors are obviously lying, the litigant’s obviously lying but you chaps are not getting a penny out of it.

Judge you becoming cynical.

I’ve seen the way the world works. You can buy most people.

Well I’m not sure you are right, Judge, I really don’t think you should read everything you read in the papers- have another gin and tonic………………. on me.


Doc Amygdala

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