Kolio Ficheto’s bridge

The bridge stays
there for eras.
And it will continue
to stand.
The ancient master
built it with patience,
with all his love and skills.
He was a genius on stones 
and geometry,
the gifted hands, 
a vision up, ahead.
The master Kolio Ficheto,
whose heritage 
is resting 
as eternal masterpiece,
he was a messenger
of universe,
presented here
to create for us
those magic bridges,
to give to people
sparkle of eternal art.
Now I am looking at the bridge,
I put my toes 
on antique pavement,
I cross the river
through that 
miracle bridge,
and I perceive 
the patrimony
as breath of force,
spill of wisdom,
sent by Lord.




© Dessy Tsvetkova
Picture Nick Victor




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