Last Words


In memory of Eric Garner and all the other African Americans murdered by police

I can’t breathe help I can’t breathe no I can’t breathe where is help I am here lying here my words cannot breathe my heart is squeezed squeezed of belief no relief compressed no help born here you the bystander don’t just stand there I can’t stand I can’t breathe I can’t breathe don’t hold my hope by the throat you’ve grasped the last of my life I can’t move can’t move why is death of no matter to you no distinction death on the street who cares I’m lying here above me so many windows close I’m dying here no one to touch me to compress my chest I’m dust in the street the road ends here where I can’t breathe can’t breathe…can’t breathe….here….no not here…

Sandra Sidman Larson

Eric Garner was murdered in Staten Island by a New York City police officer
who used an illegal chokehold to wrestle him to the street on July 17, 2014

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