Can be literal or implied. May refer to:

a continuous line of ink; a basic mark delineating ownership; border; front-; coast-; of measure; emphasis; under-; level; waist-; hair-; jaw-; aqui-; transmission; text; by-; straight-; punch-; the fundamental unit of poetic composition; umbilical cord; circuit, either for travel or communication; railwaytelephone (land-; hot-; date-;) – busairshipping; side-; life-; bee-; a route; a prepared dose of a powdered narcotic drug; main-; a dance formation; fishing equipment; a small rope;  the former unit measuring Flux; a direction, course or channel, a standard tactical military formation; gaso-; discip-; front-; an offensive or defensive position in team play; in cricket, the direction of delivery; a length of cord – cable – rope; hem-; used as a washing – drag; mascu-; ancestry or descent – blood-; dialogue to be spoken; islands in the Pacific; an idealisation of straight objects with negligible width/depth; the police – thin blue; help-; life-; to walk the; the end of the; marking the starting or finishing point; to sign on the dotted; a sign of age – wrinkle; a notional limit or boundary; the equator; a narrow range of the spectrum that is noticeably brighter or darker than the adjacent parts; element of a stave; old school punishment (pl.); a number of things or people in a straight row; a queue; bread-; of thought; patter, a lie; chat-up; a throng edging a parade; under control, to act in accordance with others; to tow the; the trajectory of a bullet, also the point beyond which one will not fire; dec-; fe-; of sight; of vision; dividing; decoration, go faster punctuation – dashes; adrena-; stream-; flat-; a concept which includes (but is not limited to) an infinitely-extended one-dimensional figure with no curvature; hard-; firing-; off-.


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