Lost Wanderings


A love story told in a unique form using a forceful stream of consciousness
third person poetic narrative. LOST WANDERINGS is parts 1 and 2 of a three part narrative. The other volume is entitled FOUND and contains part 3 of the narrative.

 “Geoff is definitely a poet!  Not just because of his way with words, but at heart too. There was so much passion, anguish and pain here. Love lost is so much more exciting than love that quickly turns into just sharing worries about the dog, an empty fridge and bills. 

He is one of the few men I know who genuinely seem to delight and feel comfortable in the company of the opposite sex – and has I suspect, some charmingly old fashioned ideas about love and relationships.

The images are beautiful, especially the ones that capture nature so accurately. But this is really a love story a lot of people – especially the young – will empathise with the emotions expressed so well.”

Jan Mazzoni author of Snow Fox Diaries and Stones of the Madonna

For your signed copies please contact [email protected]
Price £6.99 ea including postage

Also available through Bookstores and online outlets like Amazon
You may also like to order them at your library
ISBN nos are Lost Wanderings : 978-1-907729-22-5
Found : 978-1-907729-23-2


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