Marcus Aurelius Laptop Shop/Marcus Aurelius Breaks for Naked Lunch


Computer screens may carry many toxins
The air within your home is never still

Screens were made for modesty in my day
Now that sound intention is inverted

Narcissists insist you buy on-screen
Anything they sell   –   a nothing thing

Yet you work unsocial hours
Ensuring that your children might excel

On newer screens that calibrate their work-rate
Covertly as their contents celebrate

Soporific trifles of celebrity misdoings
The cosmic mind become a factory-farm   –

What pumped-up hyper-cannabis is this?
What lock-in bends you to its brew of bitters?




If a man should visit from a distant star
His candid observation might set straight
Matters we accept in dull compliance

Concerning Poetics for instance
That consummate parasite
Of Persuasion   Occupation   and Control

Its strategy to prey upon the adolescent host
By paralysing Reason in its shell
Injecting a conviction it ‘sustains’   –

Historians conjecture I enjoy
Opium as daily medication

They are the ones who seek relief
From pain of selfhood staring at a screen
Hallucinating universal fame
Drip-fed micro-acids of celebrity


Bernard Saint
Illustration: Claire Palmer


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