Marcus Aurelius Summer Sales/Centurion Report

“What do you make of Modern London Marcus?”
‘A vortex of vice’ I reply

‘A culture of non-stop purchase
Demands recourse to a Higher Power

For that which at first excites
Soon becomes obnoxious and mephitic   –

Long ago I coveted an Afghan carpet-bag
Brought to Fulham Road from far Kabul

Found ‘pre-loved’ in boutique How Bazaar
Whose managing theatrical was ‘resting’   –

She tilted it   –   and from discreet compartments
Out fell the foil and the Rizlas   –

Puerile paraphernalia of those times   –
No doubt their former owners now attend N.A.

Relinquishing mood-changing chemicals
For Fellowship which nobly works within

Establishing a sane and moral compass
Disdaining those excesses which gamble with good health

While quoting from its wise simplicity
“Each day is quite sufficient to itself”   –

Do not seek epiphany by lusting after goods
But ever seek the Greater Good of man’




Estuary Britons won’t be Romans   –
Their ‘Stuck-ist’ sense of beauty
Disallows our naked Primavera
But skulks around all shrink-wrap top-shelf porn

They need incessant song to drown mead-blather
No poetry but slang-rhymed foolery
Or tight lips closed against the sullen cold   –
Each beard conceals a flea of insurrection




Bernard Saint
Illustration: Claire Palmer






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