Meditation on Anarchy


from The Life of the Theatre


Anarchy is order. Government is civil war.
Anselme Bellegarrigue. 1848.

Anarchism is organization, more organization, and still mor eorganization.
Alexander Berkman. 1928.

I know my mind’s unruled or anarchist by nature so I suppose society should be.
Allen Ginsberg. 1970.

anarchism is order unruled
to rule is to coerce
Allen’s mind is ‘unruled’ because it is free

coercion is force
does not free
is violence

not violence

free organization is harmony
the harmony of anarchy is the harmony to which we are accustomed
the state is always coercive

organization is cooperation
cooperation is free
and knows not coercion

cooperative is organization is harmony is anarchy
harmony is not chaos is cooperation
and it is free

anarchy is harmony
is not chaos
is free

anarchy is not coercion
is not violence
is organized

and free


Julian Beck



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