(before seeing Trier’s film)


can we write emotion? fuckups and


fuckups and uncools

as well as

idolatries and subliminals

no? well that really is okay too

not in this country

nor in English poetry

but though I feel no sadness now

in this apache summer

I know the melancholias will come again

and need no Freuds

nor pharmacologists

to deal with the seasons’



                        if the planet hits

                        the sadness will be so fashionable

                        we’ll feel

                        less kings than penguins


ah Larshole

you know as well as Hamlet

we non-filmmakers are melancholy’s


small-scale producers

wishing we could get a distribution

as you’ve been doing

as you’ve been looking

into the magic books

of Jacobean bohemians

for black and gold extractions



sadness is the sound of a woman’s heels

in a city stairwell

pounding like

underwater mountains


                                (and you and she?

                                 have you always known


                                 (blackhole            ?


Niall McDevitt

Graphic: Nick Victor








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