Memes and Types

Modes of relation enacted
Through layered scenes
In settings presided over by Russian dolls
There is an extraordinary amount
Of stereotyping going on
As if a 60 year old man
Should know and be like this
A 20 year old woman like that
Fads and fashions have their dictates
Some catch on, a bit like memes,
Extraordinarily quickly
Others are resuscitated.
That ahead of your time phenomenon
After a while it seemed
That they were deciding who I was,
Not myself
Sometimes a good fit, sometimes not
Or even very far from
You just want to be on
The side that’s winning
The emotional cost of depression
When the vested team loses
You try to impress your friends
In subtle ways, or at least
Not fall out with them
As you try to pretend
You’re pleased to see me



Clark Allison

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