Why Do We Allow Boarding School Survivors to Run the Show?


‘Each man’s soul demands that he be, and that he live, every great archetypal role in the collective unconscious: the betrayer and the betrayed, the lover and the beloved, the oppressor and the victim, the noble and the ignoble, the conqueror and the conquered, the warrior and the priest, the man of sorrows and the self-reborn.’ Robert A Johnson


Many people are now aware of the pressing importance of alkalizing the body, but how many have transposed this understanding to the toxic mind, now out of control and wreaking havoc across the globe?

We have succumbed to acidity of thinking, often poisoned without any awareness on our part, and I can’t but wonder about the rampant senility and brain-rot, so much a feature of modern life.

Technology has not only outpaced wisdom but rests at its polar opposite where mind rules, splintering society asunder into the acidic and the alkaline.

There is simply no reasoning with the unreasonable, those who have lost their minds to the mind itself, a god in all but name that has seduced a weakened populace down the road of perfection, forgetting we already exist as perfection though at an entirely different, yet higher level of being.

This warning was issued many years ago from one of the great pioneers of the East: ‘The modern technological advances that come to this world with newer and newer innovations, as well as those yet to come, make up a cyclone of Great Illusion’ Mahamaya

‘Be certain that you will be held captive by it. Who knows to where the one who is caught by this great cyclone will be carried off? When the saints see one who is taken up by these modern advances running here and there, struggling in his pursuits, they try their utmost to bring about an awakening of Self Knowledge in him.’ Siddharameshwar

One of the chief problems with the never-ending search for the perfect, which is simply a product of the reflected light in the mind casting both illusion and shadow, is that any human being that doesn’t pass muster is for the scrap heap.

Genocidal maniacs, who are really fighting their own deep-seated inadequacy, focus first on the weakest nexus in society: the elderly, handicapped and mentally ill, or ‘useless eaters’ as they call them.

It happened under Hitler and it has happened again under a Conservative government which can no longer lay legitimate claim to the prefix of ‘caring’.

These people and their civil servants are often simply the continuation of a long line of sickos who themselves are severely disturbed, projecting their own self-loathing on to our most vulnerable.

When the mind plays God, the whole world is in trouble. I have seen this process almost universally in clients sent away to school at a young age – those running our government – roots destroyed, feelings torn out, a cold, hard veneer setting in for a long winter.

Occasionally, a brave one might emerge from this dark night of the soul in better shape than they went in, but those are the exceptions not the rule.

Most of our tormentors conform to a hideous template of damage. I know, I worked with many such people, often bankers and city traders hooked on cocaine, prostitution and cruelty as a way of life.

Suppressing amusement at their belief their plight was somehow original and never seen before was almost a full-time job. There really is nothing new under the sun.

Few of them get better; most are lost to themselves and can only vent their fury at this primary abandonment by comforting themselves with more of everything, although of course this strategy never works.

‘More’ simply becomes another cage and a recapitulation of earlier downfalls, some of which exist prior to memory, pre-verbally and even in the womb.

Such lifetimes are deeply karmic, of course and the net result of accruing quite a few negative points on the debit side of the ledger. There are many lessons to still learn and I suspect many will now go back to the divine recycling bin for a needed makeover.

Some experiments simply don’t work!

It is a good job there is eternity and the divine is infinitely more merciful than we are with ourselves and each other.

When I was at school, I was taught a ‘schism’ referred only to a religious divide (I think we were doing Henry VIII’s break with the Catholic church at the time), but it seems the term deserves to graduate.

If the sharp divide between those following the false, reflected light of the mind, commonly and ridiculously known as ‘the science’, and those who have evolved to a purer light isn’t a schism, then I don’t know what is.

But as the Chinese say (again the true ones not the egoic ones), where there is crisis lies opportunity. The chance we have is to understand the nature of light and move away from the false, even if we have held it as true for eons.

Awakening is en-light-enment after all: ‘When the psyche is raw, undeveloped, quite primitive, it is subject to gross illusions. As it grows in breadth and sensitivity, it becomes a perfect link between pure matter and pure spirit and gives meaning to matter and expression to spirit.’ Nisargadatta

This is not meant to demean or insult often highly intelligent beings, just to point out that to invest so much in only what we can see is a terrible error.

‘In my father’s house are many mansions’ hints at the truth. For example. many teenagers think and believe wholeheartedly they know best (those of us who are parents will appreciate this!), yet we know their consciousness has not matured sufficiently to enable clarity of thought.

They are, in short, un-illumined, in this illustration at least. Anyone who thinks for one moment a boarding school survivor whose emotional maturation was truncated aged eight to 13 should be telling us how to live only evinces their own naivety.

In the traumatized being, the ego or adapted self takes the place of God, is flooded with thinking and exists cut off from the universal field (God) floating like a small dinghy on choppy seas, top heavy and without anchor, vulnerable and relying solely on inflation – a scrabbling in the mind.

And because most of society can only see through its own limited understanding, we are deluded and allow ourselves to be drowned, with our oppressors standing on our shoulders to survive.

The raising of the National Insurance contribution announced this week is yet another measure to kill off those considered worthless while those who are really worth so little in their current state, prosper.

It is surely time to begin to question and discover that thinking is only one aspect of consciousness and that we are supported by an energy far greater than we know. When intelligence presents only a tiny fraction of available consciousness, it really isn’t intelligence at all.

Just because the tyranny of memory suggests we doff our caps to our alleged superiors is no reason to continue doing so.

As I write, what emerges is a vision of an entirely different national curriculum and a parallel world dedicated to consciousness as the only really marker of value.


Copyright Simon Heathcote


Simon Heathcote is a psychotherapist who has developed a unique way of working, drawing on Jungian concepts, mysticism and archetypal psychology to help return clients to their essence or deep soul. He has been sex and love addiction therapist at The Priory Roehampton, England and senior practitioner of the Conde Nast award-winning The Arrigo Programme. His first career was in journalism. He is an award-winning writer, former newspaper editor, broadsheet travel writer and member of the British Guild of Travel Writers. He has undergone a profound inner journey of meditation which he brings to his work. Simon trained at Broadway Lodge (Britain’s first specialist addiction treatment centre), studied past lives with the late Dr Roger Woolger and was present for the outset of the UK men’s movement under the guidance of Robert Bly. His website is soulvision.co.uk






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2 Responses to Why Do We Allow Boarding School Survivors to Run the Show?

    1. In counter-transference ‘addiction treatment’ shows little interest or empathy with the pre-addictive personality. Children need loving and reliable parents in their formative years if they are to ‘internalise’ the same.The narcissistic wound of being ‘boarded out’ may result in a harshly critical super-ego with narcissistic control as defence. The English Establishment as patient? In the Thatcher years some senior Jungians would comment “there’s a lot of it about..” But we might remember Jung’s contribution to the forming of A.A. began “I do not know..”
      not “I told you so..”

      Comment by Bernard Saint on 16 September, 2021 at 3:35 am
    2. Well said Bernard (and Simon!) Pre-addictive indeed! No-one seems to look at the root of the problem. Sending small children away from their mothers and fathers is a barbaric practice which can only lead to cause and effect style psychological problems later on in life. Then, often via their Etonian and Oxbridge educations, they go on to hold positions of power, making the rules for the rest of us, leading to a national, if not world wide problem. A world where we are ruled by psychopathy, the inevitable after-effects of heartless child abuse. Combined with the chimerical fake fantasies of royalty and some elements of celebrity, it must be time we as sentient human beings reclaimed sovereignty over our lives, hearts and minds, and cast these fossils of over-reaching control and freedom-sapping tyranny to history.

      Comment by Claire on 17 September, 2021 at 1:03 am

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