Memoirs of A Bavarian Illuminati Hunter (Trilogy)

If the incredible story in this one hundred year old book is true then it will change the way you think about the world forever.

Ride with Sebastian Drechsler, flawed freshman student of 1784’s Ingolstadt University, as he gallops through this incredible adventure: ‘The Mother of All Conspiracies.’ Under the ever-watchful eye of Professor Van Halestrom he is schooled in the dark art of hunting the Bavarian Illuminati before their Luciferian revolution sweeps the world into darkness and oblivion.


Adam Weishaupt and The Eye of Horus (Memoirs of A Bavarian Illuminati Hunter) Sebastian P. Drechsler (Author) , Ethan Harrison (Contributor)

I really recommend the first book to anyone who wants to understand today’s geo-politics, covid and where it is all leading. This is the story of how the masterplan was drawn up by Adam Weishaupt in 1770s Bavaria, the original “Eyes Wide Shut” scenario playing out with today’s elites, and whilst it is a page-turning fiction thriller, it sources most of the events from historical articles of the time as astonishing real life events. Weishaupt’s plan created the dark, hidden power structures in the USA and the world, the increasingly Draconian rules we are living by today. Forewarned is forearmed, and this book is a vital tool in every free thinking person’s armoury. It would make a film to rival the greatest screen blockbusters. 
Claire Palmer, Editor, Artist, International Times

‘With its footnotes, which turn into fascinating hypertext links on the e-book versions, historical intrigue, breathless excitement and a reluctant but hilariously sarcastic hero, Illuminati Hunter is like Flashman on Crystal meth.’ Ethan Harrison, Publisher.


Sebastian P. Drechsler (Author) , Ethan Harrison (Contributor)

You will pray that the secret hidden in this one hundred year-old book is just a conspiracy theory.

Fight the good fight alongside Sebastian Drechsler, flawed student of 1785’s Ingolstadt University, as he battles through his next amazing adventure. Guided by Professor Van Halestrom he must solve the riddles of the Ancient Mystery School to stop the Bavarian Illuminati overthrowing the world’s financial institutions and trapping mankind in eternal slavery.

‘Excellent Mr Harrison, or should I say Herr Drechsler? Exciting and funny is rare. But something tells me there is more.’  Heathcote Williams, Poet, Author, Activist.

‘Terrifying global conspiracies, exotic weapons, endless action and a wise-cracking hero fighting the international forces of evil with a beautiful but deadly woman by his side make illuminati Hunter the 007 of the 1700s. – Ethan Harrison, Publisher. 

Sebastian P. Drechsler (Author) , Ethan Harrison (Contributor)


You will hope that the mystery revealed in this one hundred year-old book is just a story.

Discover the ‘Ultimate secret’ with Sebastian Drechsler, flawed student of 1785’s Ingolstadt University, as he is initiated into the grandfather of all secret societies: ‘The Council of The 33rd Degree.’ Led by the wizard-like Professor Van Halestrom, can our dashing but self-conscious 18th century hero come of age in the Age of Reason and save himself, his friends, his country, Europe and the known world from the evil clutches of the Bavarian Illuminati?

‘Truly amazing adventure. Exciting, intriguing, funny, addictive, this stella trilogy has it all!’  Al Wardle, Area Manager, West Holts, Jazz World Stage, Glastonbury Festival, 2009-2014.

‘The final book in the epic Illuminatio Hunter trilogy, with its dynamic explanatory footnotes, initiates the reader along with our favourite renaissance hero in this brilliant, galloping, brainstorming, highwayman’s blunderbuss of a historical thriller!’ – Ethan Harrison, Publisher




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