Calling all Poets and Polemicists

This is an invitation to submit polemical poems or prose polemics of a socialistic persuasion to be considered for inclusion in what will be The Recusant‘s new online sister site,Militant Thistles. This site will be continuing in the spirit of The Recusant/Caparison’s two trend-setting anti-austerity anthologies, Emergency Verse – Poetry in Defence of the Welfare State and The Robin Hood Book – Verse Versus Austerity.

Themes and memes we’re particularly keen on contributors tackling: poor doors, homeless spikes, anti-squatting laws, ‘gentrification’, Atos, bedroom tax, unaffordable rents, food banks, red-top and blue-torch anti-welfarism (or ‘scroungerology’), and all other forms of Malthusian discriminations currently ‘acceptable’ in our Tory austerity society.

Please send your contributions in the body of the email, together with a brief biog of yourself, including previous publications and journal appearances, and with ‘Militant Thistles’ in the header, to [email protected].

Alan Morrison
Pic: Claire Palmer


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