More Than 14,000 Sheep Drown as ‘Death Ship’ Capsizes

These sheep deserve better

Time is running out

Just off the coast of Romania, a crisis for animals is unfolding. The Queen Hind, a massive ship used to transport livestock all over the world capsized. It was traveling from Romania to Saudi Arabia when disaster struck. The drowned corpses of innocent sheep float lifelessly in the water as this ship fast transforms into a floating coffin.

A staggering 14,000 live sheep are still trapped inside. They will surely drown if we don’t act now. Thankfully, the crew has been saved but thousands of injured, scared and sick sheep need your help to be rescued. We must act fast!


Help bring the sheep to safety

A FOUR PAWS rescue team is working day and night to rescue the survivors but time is running out. Dead and dying sheep are scattered all over the sinking ship.Thousands  others could still be saved if we act today.  The muffled cries of desperate sheep can still be heard but for how long we do not know. Our team inside the ship is anxiously listening for any fragile signs of life of live – never giving up hope that one more innocent animal can be rescued. Will you help?

The knowledge that there are still live animals desperate to be found keeps our rescue team going but they need all the support they can get. Your gift today could help FOUR PAWS rescue as many animals as possible.

I will not give up on them
On behalf of our exhausted team on-site, thank you for your support!

signature Martin Dale

Martin Dale
Head of Fundraising


UPDATE: Capsized ‘Death Ship’ Hid Secret Decks Packed With Sheep


By Heidi Stephenson

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