anno ying young
inevitably Tuesday
1finger in the window
and touches of smoke

if my only hold on you
is an impression
if nothing happens
aren’t we vain?
side by side

carried on continental mind
drinking flat champagne
babbling on mood & pain
the singing doors of a clock
and no one at the door

the slow intriguing intensity
craving parts of your body
no single track to incite persuasion
or just a salute pleasing
gestures and conversation

life is obscene you’ve seen
whatever is mine, a parody
filmed now in rigid slow motion
sweetheart, you awake?

look busy on the dot or she’ll go
the square clock right on top
shadows twelve little keys
sweet splendor & bliss
to unlock an hour of suspense/romance

on spots making the light crazy
sssst! if Psycho is Freud
Peeping Tom is Lacan
Peeping Tom is the sun
making sense out of fun
Bogdan Puslenghea

By Bogdan Puslenghea

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