I’m 39 years old todayūüéą. Here are my doings.

My Qatar 2022 poster has started appearing in bus stops.

You can download a printable PDF of this poster here, for free public display only (no commercial use please!)



Me and the Hell Bus on Joe Lycett‘s Channel 4 documentary about Shell’s greenwash advertising.¬†Watch the full documentary here.


The Hell Bus is currently free to visit at the Museum of Neoliberalism in Lewisham, London every weekend until 4th of June.

Book a free timeslot at

Massive thanks to Joe and his team for getting me involved in the show.



I designed this poster a couple of years ago inspired by the investigative work of Huda Ammori (formerly of Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (PSC), now the co-founder of PalAction)


PSC have a up-to-date database of UK university¬†investments in the Israeli arms trade and illegal settlement economy. You can check your own university’s investments in apartheid here:




Last year I made these ‘Don’t Talk to Them‘ signs to warn protesters about the role of intelligence-gathering blue bib ‘Police Liaison Officers’ (PLOs). The signs are available to download for free from my website or you can order a large print at cost price (¬£6)¬†

A few people took me up on it and have brought the sign to multiple protests by now. I had such an interesting reaction from some of the blue bibs myself that I asked anyone else who had brought the sign to protests if they could send me their own experiences.




Two things in particular stand out. One is that the sign is effective in reducing their intelligence-gathering ability, and the otheris that the blue bibs are pissed off about it and are liable to get nasty and, when it comes to women, creepy as hell to try and make them give up and go away.

One protester writes:


“My worst experience was at an XR march from Tate Modern. While following around the officers with the sign at a distance (Covid times) one decided to continually step on my toes and get really close to me making physical contact multiple times. He referred to me¬†as a school child asking what 6th form I go to, that I look too young to be out on a protest and that I shouldn’t stay out too late or I wouldn’t be able to get my homework done. While being a little bit away from the crowd he said to me “I’m going to the toilet now, do you want to come with me?” After referring to me as a school child ..this is a bit disgusting right?”

This is the Met Police in the wake of Sarah Everard’s murder and they’re saying stuff like this to women. The rot in that force is as deep as it is shameless.


But here’s the good news!
“The biggest win was in Glasgow during COP26 when around 100,000 people took to the streets. I stood outside Queen Street station behind 2 PLO’s who, as per, tried to make fun of me while not realising that literally 100,000 passing protesters were laughing at them stood in front of the sign. Later one officer went to take a photo of the sign and leaned in to speak to the other saying quietly “at least we have photographic evidence proving why we haven’t gotten any information today”

Hook it to my veins!




I have the SEGA/ACAB badges back in stock and I’m now going to be donating all profits to Netpol, the police monitoring group who inspired the ‘Don’t Talk to Them’ sign above. They do great work and I’m very pleased to support them.¬†
You can order from my website here.



My cousin Emily Cullen has just published a comic about her parents rants, arguments, stories (and potato recipes!) during lockdown. I might be biased since it’s about my auntie and uncle (also my godparents) but I honestly think it’s the funniest thing I’ve read all year.


It also provides some useful context as to how I turned out as a constantly-swearing contrarian gobshite with a inherent distrust of the British state. You can order a copy direct from Emily here.


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Eternal thanks to anyone who’s ever¬†backed my work on Patreon or through the shop!


And thanks for reading!


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