NIST Hiroshima Report: Someone Left Gas On



NIST: Hiroshima caused by standard office fires

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NIST the US National Institute for Standards and Technology who published the official 9/11 report have released a retrospective investigation into the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima in 1945 and concluded that ‘No explosives were used and damage to surrounding buildings was probably caused by standard office fires after someone left the gas on.’

NIST were directed to complete the report after Barack Obama officially apologised for the attack during a state visit [May 2016] and it is thought the US administration were looking for possible legal loopholes to exploit should the Japanese wish to sue for damages. US state officials are said to be ‘happy‘ with NIST’s findings and Colonel Lee Adjunct Wildermier, representing the US foreign affairs and collateral damage department [FACDD], commented, ‘Those guys are great. They couldn’t find their own dick in their pants even if it was tied to a brick with a piece of string.’

However not everyone was satisfied with NIST’s conclusions and billions of people around the world complained that the report was an obvious out-and-out purposeful distortion of the truth and a willful manipulation of history for indefensible political reasons. Dr. Shyam Sunder, highly-paid co-author of the report defended NIST’s [his boss’s] findings and chuntered, ‘Just because millions and millions… and… millions… of conspiracy theorists have read something in a book or seen a film on YouTube does not mean they understand the complex world of physics. The real truth is both plain and simple: we can find no proof of the use of explosives at the Hiroshima site thus the collapse of the buildings is probably due to standard offices fires breaking out after someone left the gas on.’

When it was pointed out to Dr. Sunder that, aside from thousands of historical written, film and eyewitness accounts directly contradicting his claims, Hiroshima had no public gas supply in 1945 his eyes rolled around like marbles on a roller coaster seat and he witlessly bumbled, ‘Our computer model cannot be… wrong… although… I cannot tell you… how I modeled… our computer… model… that I modeled… because it would present a risk to public safety…’

When it was pointed out to Dr. Sunder that a US army B 52 was flying over Hiroshima that very morning in which the crew were seen celebrating and giving each other highfives whilst filming the event, rather chillingly he used a similar response to that of Oded Ellner (one of bizarre removal men arrested on 9/11 for strange behaviour but later released on passport violations and repatriated to Israel where he later appeared on a live TV chat show) and said, ‘Maybe their purpose was to document the events.’

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