ghost train 2

Plus zone discount rates
Coming soon non-slip no-zip
Miracle shipping and cargo services
Subway fresh Holy Ghost Zone
Divine Connections Boutique
Our leading fabricator resident at
Klassy Looks Unisex Salon
Star Light Hair and Beauty
Next door Desolation Disco
Crash-out Point (silently glows all night long)
For weddings, parties, social events, do
Something special write a book, darling
Latin Quarter public and trade
Groovy feeling jerk centre
Nostalgia flash the flesh
Artificial artefacts, strange signals
All makes and models far out Mind Pilot
Meets a knicker worshipping skin-changer
Lounging around on Electric Beach
Posing for a bumwrap photo-special
On the hoof ye ye. But my bubble butt
Ghost girl was a blowdry junkie
A sultry burning dream playing along a with seedy
Brothel pianist late of Mexico City
Ran off with a trainee barista from Hackbridge
Bit of a lark all that threading
Tinting and lashes, bashing out a zany rendition of
El Manisero on an out-of-tune piano
Sinister guy in a snap-brim fedora
Lurking in the shadows round the corner
Wherever whatever
Gallery space, Bar Billiards and Wi Fi
We’ve got it covered!
So, it’s Zeroville, man. So what?
Book your place for a late escape
Limited time pivot services
The club was called The Palace of Screaming Glass
Let’s do it! Said the waitress,
If it’s too fast you’re too old
Selling like hotcakes (exit only)
Wood, laminate, carpets, vinyl, valves,
Camshafts, pistons, ring, sets, gaskets and bearings
Litho and digital: heart-warming uplifting
Funny that – something snapped outside
De Ultimate Barber Nail Salon next to
Le Chic Drycleaners, call the world!
Call the world! La Luz de Mundo!
Convenient great days out at Facial Attraction
For a hop-on-hop-off twisted circus
Comics, ‘zines, merch and a
Nasty little chav wiv a dirty mouf
First terrifying pictures of celebs, telly and sport
From outer space (Outta Space!)
Local, fresh.
Listen in!

A.C. Evans
Visual: Claire Palmer

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