Heroism with machoism,
Yet believer of pacifism,
Lord Shiva in Hinduism,
Known for Your powerful magnetism,
Your angry behaviourism,
Expressed in Tandavism,
Your dance specialism,
Drank poison to protect each and every organism.
And destroyed the demonism.

Shred of tiger skin as a dress code,
Ash as main ornamentation,
Toxin in throat,
Ganga in matted hair,
Lord of lordships,
Creator of meditation,
Trident as weapon,
Pellet drum as an instrument,
Third eye produces extra sense,
Destroyer of evil,
Creator of the creation,
Innocence in character.
Resides in the mount of Kailash,
Father of devotees.
The oldest monk,
Seeing everything with eyes closed,
The unconditional lover,
Recluse of all time,
Weed as relaxation,
Crossed legs for concentration,
While churning of sea,
Distributed Amrit to all,
Drunk Halahal,
Kept in throat,
Screamed in pain,
King of paradise,
Pastime at crematorium,
Lord of spirits,
Divine of soul,
The source of power,
The power of devotees,
The sacred sound
Who exists but not
Father of sense,
First of mantras

Crescent Moon and the Ganga,
With serpent around your neck,
Your three eyes make,
Your appearance an exceptional.
Meditative and yogic mannerism,
Innocence with asceticism.
The prayers of devotees with full devotional,
Are answered with mysticism.
My poeticism
For Lord Shiva
The most auspicious dynamism.





Bio:- Monalisa Parida is a post graduate student of English literature from India, Odisha and a prolific poetess. She is very active in social media platforms and her poems have also been translated into different languages and publish in various e-journals.
She has got 100 international award for writing poetry. Her poems have been publishing international e-journals “New York parrot”, “The Writers Club” (USA), “Suriyadoya literary foundation”, “kabita Minar”, “Indian Periodical” (India) and “Offline Thinker “, “The Gorkha Times “ ( Nepal), “The Light House”(Portugal), “Bharatvision”(Romania), “International cultural forum for humanity and creativity”(Aleppo, Syria), “”(Singapore) etc. And also published in various newspapers like “The Punjabi Writer Weekly(USA)”, “News Kashmir (J&K, India)”, Republic of Sungurlu (Turkey)” etc.
One of her poem published an American anthology named “The Literary Parrot Series-1 and series-2 respectively (New York, USA)”. Her poems have been translated in various languages like Hindi, Bengali, Turkish, Persian, Romanian etc. And she is the author of the book “Search For Serenity”, “My Favourite Grammar”, “Paradigm”, “Beyond Gorgeous”.


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