Operation Solidarity is a network of anarchists working on the principles of mutual aid and solidarity. The focus of our operation is the Ukraine: we are providing mutual aid to people on the run, supporting movements of emancipatory forces in defence against the Russian imperialist war and developing an infrastructure of solidarity with anarchists and anti-fascists from all over the world. Despite the incredible willingness to help people in need on Ukraine’s western borders, a humanitarian crisis is on the horizon. The logistics of bringing basic supplies to fleeing families are just as expensive as the fight against the enemies of freedom.

Our operations are exclusively financed by donations and our commitment is entirely voluntary. In order to remain able to act, save as many lives as possible and last but not least survive by ourselves we will need your support today, tomorrow and probably in three weeks’ from now as well.

Donate at https://operation-solidarity.org/donate/


The Operation Solidarity website also offers daily news and video updates, links to other independent news sites, and details of the assistance and supplies given to those in or fleeing Ukraine




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    1. This is not Russian Imperialism… this is a response to Western imperialism and aggression… The US had a shit fit when Russia wanted to keep missiles in Cuba… The US is developing bioweapons in Ukraine, and has bases all around Russia… it’s about time they did something to stop US evil encroaching any further.

      Comment by Rachel Wild on 29 April, 2022 at 10:40 pm
    2. The Soviet Union wanted to put missiles in Cuba because America had put missiles in Turkey. When America agreed to remove its missiles from Turkey the Soviet Union agreed not to put missiles in Cuba. The current situation seems to be largely a result of America wanting to put missiles in Ukraine.

      Comment by Tim on 30 April, 2022 at 1:48 pm
    3. Yes sure; Biden and Boris are also anarchists…. zzzz; grow up… There are 13 countries in NATO with nuclear weapons pointing at Russia with America (who have no oil problems please note) conducting the run-up to WW3 with a huge Disney smirk on its face… the only groups you guys are in ‘solidarity’ with are the REAL reactionary Oligarchs (as opposed to the ones the Western Media creates as bogeymen to scare the muttonheads who happily join in with the modern equivalent of ‘Two legs good bah bah bah Four legs bad bah bah bah’) GROW UP!

      Comment by DR. Alan Corkish on 14 May, 2022 at 4:36 pm

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