Fluttering wings; music of the messengers

Animated; suspended in my echoing hall

Meandering sounds take my breath away

Butterfly streams within me; memory calls.

This is the place I want to stay with you


Blue forests of forget-me-nots spring out

Proof nature remembers what I do not

An angel, head bowed for one life, just a day

Next door 100 tulips arrayed, for 100 years

Serried ranks of stones, some twisting, dancing


A chain on the bones of the towering cross

Is broken. The anchor in the rocks remains.

Watch where I walk; the earth is raised & split

Calling for me from inside journeys’ end

Following your memories on this narrow path


Bright daffodils surrounding me; that fleeting sign

Capturing this moment before they are gone

The great fir tree in the quadrant, fine fronds

Come out at night, brush the stones, soothe hearts

Once quietly beating in the sun & comforting earth


Chaffinches, high above, sing a sweet melody for me.

In the afternoon warmth two young children walk.

One holds his mothers’ hand; “Does everyone die?”

Words inscribed on this stone to celebrate you,

“We will always be together”; now you’re gone


 ©Christopher 2022  

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