Anarchy persist
in the mind of men
the tempest trap
of flaring synapse
the chemical carousel
thoughts spawn
devour one another
connect and contort
unceasing till death

From this we define
all order in our
world. No wonder,
logic our conducting
rod we wield in
a attempt to
quell fury of it.
This little Shiva
came into being
to BE. When content
no reason to succeed
and strive.
So never satisfied we
fumble on
very temporary perpetual
motion machine the
unmoved movers or
so we think

Yet despite this
we beckon beauty
for beauty’s sake
scream to the silent
universe for answer
do what is extraordinary
not because it is easy
but because it is hard

This is our true madness

Daniel Brennan 


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    1. nice, loved it danny

      Comment by rowan austin on 15 April, 2013 at 2:39 pm

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