Ding! She was zesty – gorgeous – original
One of the must-haves of the season
Bo-ho chic smart-dolly crochet hat
Foot-stomping go-go power razor laugh
Free range legs in-yer-face gags and gaiety
What’s the mood there?
Powerful conflicting emotions
Far out and way up: talk us through that
Really that performance was the edge of freedom
Hit the dance floor, take stock test the limits
Intercept our suspect – kiss and run
An out-of-this-world experience.

Tell us a little more
Ding! I don’t think so
How much more do we know?
Well… let’s be clear
The indicators at this time show
It’s still a challenge no doubt about it
We’ll be giving it our best shot
Look! See! Nice! (canned laughter)

So profoundly moving, our darkest secret
Well, let’s face it; what happens next?
Ziiip! Twang! Whoosh!
Searing scenes and candid comments
Continuous flashing images.
Pow! Yes! What a moment!
Exciting! Exciting!
This is really hard to watch.

You get my drift?
Ding! So perverse and bewildering
A very difficult balancing act
But still the hot favourite
Posing with a retro arcade machine
They’re watching and they’re waiting
And it’s not over yet
Make it magical an absolute gem!
A life-changing encounter for all.
So we couldn’t be more excited than that.
We’re on it! Let’s do it! Yeah how?
Have a great evening, bye bye.




A.C. Evans

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