Our Friend Julian

If you missed it, catch it here. Eleven writers’ voices for Julian Assange. The range of pieces is tremendous. No rants;  but subtle, impassioned and informed – as writers should be.   I’m one of them. Actually,  my ‘Month of Mondays’ isn’t so subtle, and I subdue the passion; but it is informed as I’ve been committed to this campaign ever since Julian Assange was denied his freedom for revealing the truth about war crimes.  You should know that the sounds of the US gunship and voices of the murderous soldiers halfway through my piece are not real, but impersonations by actor Matt Deveraux.  Also, that Robert Ilson is reading his poem from the stage of Pentameters theatre.  The last reading – of the late Adrian Mitchell’s fine poem ‘To Whom it May Concern’ by Zoe Aronson and Gilles Madan brings in Adrian too.    Adding Matt and Adrian brings us to thirteen voices as we’ve already counted Brian Eno’s introduction.  But as the number’s calling for his release grow – who’s counting.  
Jan Woolf
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