Over Easy



if I had to flip hash browns

it’d be best in a diner

better still in a late

60s diner


chrome counter like a mirror

and the guy with a beard


reading his poems

lips moving inside his head


is reflected like he’s

talking in water


crack of an egg

the yoke moving slowly along the page



i’m in some city of love

cooking to the beat


hear it in the music

the protests

the hopes

the chanting

the gunfire

the trips

the harmonies

the mantra

the napalm

the wah-wah

the recitals


listen to the beat


the page is turning

there waving through the water

and the man with the beard

gets up to leave


and i am ready to flip


over easy



Mike Ferguson
Illustration Nick Victor

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2 Responses to Over Easy

    1. This is such a lovely poem, clever, deep and deceptive. The feel of the sixties is firm – how do you remember your teens so well, wild boy? The love chants, the beat, the alternating insidious reminders of ever-present war. The image of cooking/writing works well: egg/poem. But there is a certain ambiguity in the image of the water which wipes all things away, yet simultaneously carries things forward. Are its depths an image of the depths of the mind? This poem is cleverly framed by the bearded man reading it silently to himself, but also to us. That’s you, isn’t it? Overall, there’s a certain reassurance of cycles returning, yet this brings bad things as well as good. But the poetic voice survives and oversees all.

      Comment by Jackie Moore on 18 August, 2016 at 1:44 pm
    2. Thank you!

      Comment by Mike on 19 August, 2016 at 11:44 am

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