Of a fanciful progression of
Inertia bounded by ghouls and ghosts
What on earth are you doing here?
What did you come for?
Other than to see her again
Running hot and cold
A different kind of strange
Must I defend these responses?
We’ll get together he said
But I just wanted to slip away
I’ve got my own take on this picture
I know it’s unlike your’s
You wouldn’t want to force it now, would you?
There are supports and contributions
But they are supports in difference
You like game shows
I like police procedurals
You want to live a couple of blocks down
I don’t see why that would be a problem
And your choice of an inspired leader
Isn’t mine either
The space between
She just couldn’t leave it be, they said
Due process
I can’t altogether account for what I like
But as he said I want to be more like me
And less like you
That great difference between parity and submission




Clark Allison



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