Bippety and Boppety Talk About the Countryside

– Sometimes I think I don’t appreciate Mother Nature enough.
– You should certainly get out more.
– I like the idea of the countryside and watching the flora and fauna etc. but it’s a bit of a palaver to go there.
– In what way a palaver?
– Well, you have to wear the right clothes, get some of those waterproofs and walking boots people have. Then there’s the travel.
– I believe Charles Darwin and Gilbert White faced the same difficulties but found a way to overcome them.
– I’m pretty sure Darwin had a ship laid on for him. I don’t know about the other bloke. But the bus service around here is terrible, as I have mentioned on more than one occasion.
– I have to say that what you call ‘palaver’ does not seem particularly insurmountable. The will, on the other hand, is something else.
– You might be right. I can be a bit of a prevaricator
– You know what they say: where there’s a will there’s a prevaricator finding a reason not to do something.
– That’s quite amusing, but doesn’t seem to make much sense.
– Whatever. I’m sure Mother Nature and her children would be happy to see you one day.
– I guess I might need to use my willpower.
– If you can find it.


Martin Stannard





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