Paul Valéry Reminds Us ‘A Poem Is Never Finished, Only Abandoned’

I’ve been writing “deformed sonnets” since 2015 or so. They’ve been published in chapbooks by Cold Turkey Press in France and by Moloko Print and Verlag Engstler in Germany; by Fabrikzeitung in Switzerland and by IT: International Times, the Magazine of Resistance in the United Kingdom; on this blog and elsewhere. “A poem is never finished, only abandoned,” Paul Valéry once said. Mine have never been finished either. And so . . . an updated, revised, redesigned, and expanded collection in hardcover is now out, with a new title: All That Would Ever After Not Be Said.

Verlag Engstler
(published 2017)



Above: Jay Jeff Jones’s review of “Your Obituary Is Waiting.”.
Above: Malcolm Ritchie’s review of an earlier version of “All That Would Ever After Not Be Said.”

Click to listen to several of the sonnets.

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