Punishment of Luxury






I’m black, I’m red, I’m white, I’m all three in the night

All look the same to me

I see you try to split the people with your tricks

Play hangman with yourself, crack the whip


Chorus: (Hey!) I’m in the darkroom keep out the light

Developing an image of you tonight

Negative eyes make the future black

Thank God I’m positively all white jack


White man, superior white man

You’re a superman, it’s a super plan

But only for a white man in a white house

We are no angels, I’m all white jack


I see you crack your head

You sat up on a wall but now I see you fall

I love to see you swim inside your sea of sin

But now I hear you call



All white jack, all white jack


The time has come to sow the seed of change

Into the Euromind



All white jack, can’t you see I’m all white etc.

All white etc.

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