Rave On!

Alan Dearling takes us down on the dancefloor (once again) for two nights of thumpin’, bouncing, swaying, jumping and even a bit of head-banging upstairs on the Saturday night

Friday: A Guy called Gerald and friends

Enjoy and feel free to share my pics… thanks to Gig and Waka for the invite…
I was fascinated to witness at least some of Gerald Simpson’s sold-out set at the Golden Lion, in a post-flooded Todmorden in the Calderdale Valley.
You may know Gerald Simpson as ‘A Guy called Gerald’, one of the great dj/mixer producers to evolve out of the Acid House and Jungle music scenes. He is still perhaps best known for ‘Voodoo Ray’. I was able to meet him briefly early on in the evening and despite the high volume in the bar area, we managed a few words about him being mostly based in Berlin. We talked a bit about djs we liked and the more alternative free cultural spaces in Europe that transcend music.

Unusually, Gerald is interested in live soundscapes. To me, he came over as a lovely, very human and warm guy called Gerald. Much respect. Before his late-nite set, Pete Duggal, Matt Hum and Russ Marland kept the Lion Crowd jumping. And, by the time Gerald hit the stage, the place was really buzzing, darkly bathed in red light, sweaty, loud…banging… Also much luv ‘n respect to Louis (with Gerald in the pic), who kept the huge sound system pumping, Gerald laughing and joking, and thanks too, to all the Lion staff…a special Family. A Family that has faced floods and many other challenges over time…but spreads kindness…

Matt and Russ and the GL Crew Rave On: https://vimeo.com/391674680?fbclid=IwAR1-QlWJQfIgUSzjNqPZ-fC5s9yFd68H4cnFdnvI1-Vi1mhMeOfLXgFsFDo

Landlady Gig adds: 
“What’s a great job and party has been
We are so proud. Gerald is happy ❤️❤️
Thank you Louis S for stage managing and being Gig and Waka , the whole Lion’s team, you lovely souls and trustworthy
All DJs, Peter Duggal, Matthew Humphreys and Russell Marland
Alan Dearling for lovely photos
All punters , I hope u all got a more good energy to deal with what we gone through now (with the floods)
Be the Lion, we’ll survive
Love to you all ❤️”

Saturday: Downstairs: Lost in Space dj sets Upstairs: Live: The Exhalers, Tinfoils and Solar

Two contrasting worlds. One building. With more flooding feared in the Calderdale Valley, it was not as busy as some of the totally wedged nights…. ‘Lost in Space’ underground world psy-trance beats downstairs at the Golden Lion. Without the flood fears…this would have been jam-packed… but it was enjoyed by those who braved the elements and the transport hassles.

Meanwhile, upstairs was a mosh-pit. And one in increasing darkness, featuring three punkish indie bands. It kicked off with a short set from the Exhalers (left).

Then, the Tinfoils (left), and finally, Solar, in a near black-out on stage. Loud, arrogant, but popular with some of the young Tod crowd…

Overall, real hard for photography…. 

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