Jacob’s meditation on opening the door to an angel.



I will not let it through. It will not wrestle with my broken life: it is not broken; I am a man of great standing in my world. Will it  consider the ramifications of stealing from my twin: for am I not the better of the two? Quicker witted? Hipper? Better looking, and my  booty is vast. Was I not therefore justified ganging with my mother confusing my dying father and taking what should have been mine. So why am I so scared?  I send my people and possessions before me in small groups to convince my other half I am weak and poor.

For real, now I am at sea in a boat made of pain, regret and confusion.  Should I not let the angel in and wrestle towards some sort of resolution? She is so full of light for sure; it would be worth the struggle to be with the lightness. To be rebooted by God.


Nick Victor


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