When was it?  Just the other day
You were there, resting in your chair
With your delicate face and quizzical eyes,
“I can’t remember my story. Tell me yours.
I’ll make you a cup of tea.  Have a cake.” 

On the cliff, we’d looked at the sea and beach
Talked and talked of people and places seen
Dreams we’d fulfill when travelling once more
I treasured those times we were together,
Watching the birds flying back to our home 

Now we’ll drink and eat to what we were
I looked in the mirror; I remembered you
How I lived too, in the times we shared
You were, like me, with so much to do
Our gift; those fleeting memories found 

I came today to see you, be with you again
You were not there and would not return
Books, cards, pictures, a shawl, a silent clock
Your happy smile & once gentle bright eyes 
Stay in my memory; journey now complete


©Christopher 2024
Paintings: Ellen Bodin








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