Reporter spills the beans and admits all news is fake


A top German Journalist and Editor Dr. Udo Ulfkatte has just gone public with some shocking admissions. He basically admitted what all of us who read the alternative media such as BeforeItsNews have known for a long time – the entire mainstream media is totally fake! He went into a very detailed talk in this video and spilled the beans about everything! He talked about how the CIA gets control over all of the major journalists. We can do more in the next 6 months than we’ve done in the last 6 years! We can do it together!

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One Response to Reporter spills the beans and admits all news is fake

    1. Now it’s my turn to spill the beans, it’s Ilegal to use a legal name the biggest scandal on the planet, Every name registered at birth was given over to the crown without full disclosure, that being it becomes crown intellectual property and only BAR (British Accredited Registered ) members i.e lawyers, prosecutors, solicitors, barristers and judges are given right of use, any one else using the legal name are breaking the law and committing fraud.
      Google or Free your soul, cause no harm, stand truth and trust in creation 🙂

      The entire worlds a stage act of evil Black magic using spells and words (Black Laws Dictionary and Phonics-Phonecian), New World Order (Illuminati), Rothschild, Bilderburgs, Rockfellars , Senior George and George Bush (GOG), Obama Barack, the satanic royal family all of them and off course anti pope Francis all sociopaths and satan system worshippers. Now you know the truth please Check it out ?

      Comment by Ark on 29 June, 2016 at 7:31 pm

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