Grenfell Tower…the fragments



Numbed    silenced    too many of us    the way   we have no voice    we have

this untwinned tower pointing like a finger at God

get the fuck down here will you ?

This sacrifice is for real

All of humanity    not Kensington and Chelsea

not the polite entrenchment of privelege

but our right to be    alive and safe

anywhere in the world    to have a human life

the life we came here to be    or else

Nothing is sacred    nothing is true

immune to fake news

and that is the firestorm in our throats hearts minds

the One Big Lie




Grenfell, you will not let them lie

what they are is what they do

nothing more or less

our humanity is on the line

in these cities of the red night    blazing

Revelation has come    and the Romans

are confronted with migrant unreason

in the name of a world they will not allow

because they can’t control it—one world

we must fight for now    as it was made to be

or else we have



The Roman candle burns all night

ash fragments fill the air    our flesh unfelt

your skin denounced    the prophet rises

in flame and says    Enough !

In the Name of    in all the names of

all the dead and dying—enough

Look what we can do together
look what we can do for each other
(liberated from this schizoid silence)
look at what love can do
it’s all we’re here to do

in Babylon    where the tower is Babel

confused by untruth    a symbol

that will not go away    never, never, never

until we have care for all     we have

a man trapped at the 19th floor    we have

the nameless dead dishonoured by every war

wall, wailing wall of handwritten cries    we have

murderers, psychotic drivers in the Name of

the Nothing we have    when we have

crossed the line

and what is coming    is Fire



Believe me    believe yourself your soul

the Burning Man    is what we have

not your ego    you have

nothing until you have

your divine right to be human that has been stolen

by the elite    in a crime that is

pissing in the face of God for which

you will have    FIRE

We are out of order
we are the true order
the anarchy that says ENOUGH

we are the burning tribe of love

a calcined monument to what must die

in the dark before the dawn can come

thy will be done



The cladding    the catalyst    a red herring

until thy will be done

Londinium is burning    and the emperor’s new clothes

are flaking down from the sky in tatters

and the firefighters are angels    their wings folded tight

and every man woman & child in that building

is the sacrifice

and what they gave their lives for

is the Burning Book    the burning question

an eyesore exclamation ! that IS    until we have


a Naked New Day

so light this candle now and pray
this tower of flame   pray this day


And all that belongs to fire

shall be with us

the dross of disconnection    crossing the midnight

where the bell is tied

where the birdsong    and the bettering

and the wormwood    that is the levelling

is the judgement




Jay Ramsay
August 19th 2017


Illustration: Claire Palmer


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