Rule Britannia May 19


Britannia went down to the social

took her kids and asked for some bread

told there’d be money in five weeks time

went home and strangled them dead.

Britannia got zero from zero hours,

her landlord demanded the rent,

evicted her when she couldn’t pay,

so Britannia went out on the street.

Brittania begged outside Tescos,

asking for coins from the shoppers;

too cold to sleep on the pavement

blasted the lot on some uppers.

Britannia went down to the social

and threw a brick through its glass,

swore at the people who worked there,

shrieked at the ones who walked past.

Britannia convicted of vandalism,

banged up for not paying the fine;

she hanged in her cell, but so what?

People do that here all the time.

Rule Britannia , Britannia  rules the waves

Britons never never never shall be slaves



Ruth Aylett
Illustration: Claire Palmer

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