school’s out for summer

in the car-empty precinct
a can bounces across
tumbleweed tarmac
is kicked again    fiercely
hands in pockets three lads watch
it rattles the weary wind
they make no move to catch
there’ll be other cans

gies yir phone ah’ve nae credit

no choice but to be here either
his ma’s boyfriend is staying   drinking
in the corner    telly on loud
house full of money worries
and coughing
he doesn’t know about the lessons
piled up on his school website
hasn’t a computer or cash
to feed the leccy meter

Above boarded up shops
scrawny seagulls observe and
learn as foxes stalk plump cats



  Finola Scott

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One Response to school’s out for summer

    1. Depressingly good Finola

      Comment by Mary Wilson on 5 August, 2020 at 12:30 pm

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