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    1. This is for Heathcote Williams, just to say that I’m still around somewhere in the world, at least I didn’t see the word “deceased” next to my face in the IT photo from 1966. I discover from the Orwell’s typewriter story (I didn’t take it!) that IT has risen again from the ashes and I’m glad to see that you are behind it. If you can remember, you and I crossed paths years back at an event organised by Margareta D’Arcy (something to do with N. Ireland). And 50 years of IT. I’d be pleased to be informed of any continuing events if any. And again glad that you are in the picture. “AC/DC” is still one of the crowning events of my long London adventure which ended in 1982 and mutated into a French-Berlin-Polish adventure. Ongoing. So far. All the best.

      David ZM

      Comment by David Zane Mairowitz on 4 April, 2016 at 10:00 am

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