Somewhere to Nowhere

Too fast we’ve grown up.
It seems like yesterday it was,
When we were in high schools.
Your voice was turning to a man.
You were growing more masculine.
I was in my puberty.
So I was a little afraid with the physical-
Changes and later I got used to it.
We fell in love to each other.
We became passionate.
And one day and others
We started making out-
Secretly and often openly.
It was all very new to us.
We were adapting accordingly.
But how soon it got vanish.
And I don’t know how-
I lost you, all of a sudden.
You reached too far from me.
I become an another person,
I used not to be.
It all happened what we never thought.
And now we never come back-
To the age and place from where we started.




By Tiyasha Khanra




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