Song: Bookseller Blues (For Dennis Gould)

Saturday a week ago a great Stroud event took place

it was poet printer pamphleteer publisher bookstall-er
pacifist anarchist resister Dennis Gould’s 84th birthday
it was also the premiere of Mark Chaudoir’s lovely 
affectionate film about his life and times ‘The last Cuckoo’
up to 150 people attended and were enraptured
after the film Dennis spoke about its riotous background
and then performed some of his impassioned witty rants
he brought the splendidly diverse house down around him
but the fun isn’t over yet…..
on Sunday November 7 at 10.45 am ‘The last cuckoo’
will be shown at the Curzon Cinema Soho along with
other films and stand-up poems from Elvis McGonagall
there’s a bar and coffee and Dennis’s letterpress stall
downstairs in the café before screening
here is the eventbrite link to purchase tickets 
for family and friends – all profits donated to the charity Mind. 
Mark Chaudoir Director                 Mobile: +44 (0)7801741625
song: Bookseller Blues
for Dennis Gould 
with a nod to the musician 
and great blues songwriter-poet 
Willie Dixon (1915-1992)
for his much-feted ‘Backdoor Man’ 
I gotta hoodoo voodoo bookstall
I got magic words for sale
I’m a bookstall midnight gambler
I bet on words and never fail
take words home with you readers
only pay me what you can
I dreamed a gift economy
I’m your bookstall bedtime man
I sell books for love nor money
I buy words to wrap your wounds
come all ye riffraff ye rich and poor
sing loud their lovely sounds
I’m your bookstall man sweet browsers
I got salvation in my hand
bold ballads blues and poesie 
for all women who walk this land
I got my poet’s mojo working
printer’s ink fills every vein
black and red typography fire
my eyes my heart my brain
dig my voodoo bookstall bibles
I got magic words for sale
I’m a bookstall midnight rambler
books are my holy grail
I’m a bookstall midnight gambler
I bet on word and never fail
Jeff Cloves
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