Caribbean Storm


The moon’s a drunken sailor
when it storms offshore and the ocean
arches its back.
                         The coastline
pulls at the mainland for a long night’s rain
and the forest steps back
from the dampening roar.
                                            It’s almost
calming, this turmoil of the elements
that lasts until a tree
can’t hold any longer to the earth
and falls across the only road
leading back to the world.
                                            Then after
the passion runs out, in the hour
before dawn, when the blue crabs
crawl out of their burrows
slung above them is

a sloth asleep among the stars.

David Chorlton
Illustration: Atlanta Wiggs

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    1. Good stuff! Jesse

      Comment by Jesse Glass on 25 October, 2021 at 3:07 am

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