Soul Slaking Blues : A Monologue Performed by Jah Chemistry

Racism doesn’t work, slowly the veil of ignorance festers into the worm of prejudice to become the cancer of HATE
Donald  from the plaid suit preppie brigade with his popped collar and major league tax breaks  calls it NIGGROPHOBIA He thinks that black people  may  ATTACK, go on a killing spree a shop and spill of guts blood and revenge but it’s uniformed hate that shot a man dead, and just walking, talking minding his own business,  Trayvon, an unarmed teen, only  seventeen went out for skittles and iced tea. Mown down by a gun cock playing God. The Nazi yella  bellies are selling FEAR and, they’re lapping it up like pussy juice. They don’t want peace and harmony telling my Muslim friends ‘Rag heads, terror dicks you don’t belong here!’ How many more times does a brother have to die in real time? America, you lost your Hollywood  glitter, the truth is there for all to see when you open your mouth and crack those showbiz teeth, when you raise your arms and strangle the phiz outta me, when you turn your hands into punching fists and rip my tongue out send it to the Grand Jury to decide if my murder  was a ‘crime’, time to look beyond the racist eye of shame and make America true to her claim. For Dr Malcolm, MLK, Sam Cooke and Billy Holliday, she hung her notes of love on ‘strange fruit,’ can you hear  the ghosts whisper, the rustle of dead leaves on Southern trees?  John Coltrane and Charlie P celebrated for eternity Nina, blues mama slung it to them good. Marvin waxed poetic about inequality. And the world turned and kneeled for Ali so why does the Lady of Liberty salt my eyes  with lies of disembowelling me of my rights and pin me to a bar stool vomiting bile? America you’ve become the land of the killing fields and I’m ready to feel your love,  ready to  rise above the Gonorrhoea clouds of racist hate.

Saira Viola

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