Spaghetti Western


In their stone arena two men circling

One another: the Evil Bandit’s a

A Renaissance Jesus, sharp blue

Eyes and perfect curls: facing him


Is the Bounty Hunting Vengeful

Brother, a Gentleman (decorated

civil war veteran) reduced to this.


Their boots creak like rope that’s neck stretching.


Their spurs chime like communion bells.



And only one will be walking away.


Meanwhile in a nearby arroyo


Geronimo (hasn’t moved for an hour at least)

Scans a small deer herd (rifle cocked)

Discounts the pregnant females, ignores

The half-grown bucks but now the old one

He’ll pray for (i’m sorry brother for taking

your life) steps into his sights: his shot echoes;

The herd scatters; now his children will eat.






Kevin Patrick McCann
Illustration Nick Victor


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