Stealing a Frame

Must we have all these questions?
Why are we being kept in the dark?
Why is everything always about money?
“The things you can do with a camera,” he said.

Their presence here might explain
the gory attack but nothing was
taken and there was no forced
entry. “The mutilations here are

even more severe,” she said.
In this instance there was no
such call. Are we developing
belated yuppy aspirations?

What will the night bring?
“This film feels like a puzzle to be
solved rather than experienced
at a gut level,” she said.

In this instance there was no
such call. Are you stealing a frame?
“They’re here in force,” he said.
Meanwhile it’s a last chance to party.

“What a world we’re living in,”
she said. Are we about to give in?

Steve Spence
Montage: Rupert Loydell



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    1. This poem makes me realise the positivity of ‘giving up’ as opposed to ‘giving in’…….visual too….extrovert and introvert…..

      Comment by Mary Maher on 6 March, 2021 at 9:26 am

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