in stone town
you’re shown your place
in a security of knowing,
this is the way we do things
we have always done things this way
there can be no other way,
in this town we fit together

in flesh town
we are free to choose
we invent our own path or
reinvent new ones in amusing games
we grow together, or fall apart
on whim, are inclusive or not
depending on the colour of the day
or the scent of the breeze
in this town we are individuals

in art town
they say, before you can read
first you must know words,
before you can sing
first you must learn to listen,
poems are compacted language
that inflates in your head,
reverse-time snapshots
from which energies glow,
but before you love
you must first be loved

I stand at the crossroads
wearing a comic hat of puzzlement,
people glance, throw sharp stones,
some mutter of madness,
but give me time, eventually
I’ll decide where I belong,
eventually I will decide…



Andrew Darlington

Illustration: Atlanta Wiggs

Twitter: @darlingtonandy

By Andrew Darlington

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