Stormy Day

We land in the dark, creep along the shore
The sun starts to rise, our time starts again 

Ahead, a grand rectangular York stone tower
Beneath, an arched doorway divides the Inn

Four perfect windows, looking out, both sides
My head, my heart, eyes & feet to find you

Above, a deco clock, marble sundial square
Twelve golden marks, hands at eight  

Black clouds shoot past in the wind
Blue sky and sun between only for an instant

St. George, Welsh Dragon, Saltire, Tricolour
Union flags, billowing, standards swaying

Cold rain, ice rocks fall and swirl in puddles
Rivers rise on the street, covering my shoes

Umbrellas inside out, people crouching
Others dragged along, flapping, almost flying

The setting sun shines an orange light
Through white & grey clouds, custard stripes
Sagging black clouds draw a sudden curtain
The shrieking wind across the darkening sky

Monsoon deluge begins; hides the stone tower
A translucent sheet presses against my head
Ice wind on my skin, I close my eyes  
Blinded, I shelter in the open doorway

I look out at the harbour, the tethered boats
Safe from the waves behind high stone walls
Our journey begun out there and ended here
To find, at last, this peace, sanctuary from war

I step inside, air so warm, so cosy
I hear a voice, then more, a chattering crowd
Come, here’s some food and drink, my friend
Another day and place, dreams begin again 

As if I was a child.  I stretch out on the bench
Soft towels, a welcome hug, blanket, cushions
A mug of blackcurrant, a custard crème
Shelter in the dark, welcome to my dream


©Christopher 2017/2020   [email protected]  

Fly my flag for calm this stormy day;

St. George, Red Dragon, Saltire and Tricolour


Illustration: Claire Palmer

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