Street writer part ten – Christmas Epiphanies


What is an epiphany?

Who the fuck knows!

It’s like asking a writer… ‘where do you come up with this stuff?’

It’s like asking… ‘what is life?’

The best thing I ever read about life was this: ‘the only thing I know is that I know nothing.’

If my memory serves me right… I believe that was Socrates.

Anyway… whatever an epiphany is I always have one around Christmas ever I since I took the writing on, on a more full time basis.

I was 24 when I had my first Christmas epiphany.

I was in a serious relationship at the time and I decided I would take the writing on full time and go out mainly as a poet and a filmmaker.

My second Christmas epiphany came at 25 years old and I was very unhealthy at the time and I decided I would start the open mic circuit.

My third Christmas epiphany at the age of 26 I decided I would put on a poetry tour around Ireland and the UK.

My fourth Christmas epiphany I decided I would travel to New York and perform in the same poetry café Allen Ginsberg used to perform in.

Coming up to my fifth Christmas epiphany I decided to take a year out and test out material with magazines all around the world.

Coming up to my sixth Christmas epiphany at the age of thirty I decided I would make another poetry film and start to spread my writing out more diversely like… poetry, fiction, scripts and journalism.

And I did just that!

We are coming up close to Christmas again and I believe my new epiphany has appeared to me early this year (like an early gift of an unwrapped woman).

As writers all we want to see is the BIG DREAM!

Like seeing our names on books and records and films and shows so on and so forth.

But I believe the real dream is in the magazines.

So, I’ve decided I would spend the next ten years (if I live that long) in the magazines.

And if my work is worth its own salt someone will pick it up.

I’m leaving you with a poem called: ‘the greatest fight you’ll put up.’

Remember to start off small and work your way up to the top of your game, like putting that angel on the peak of your Christmas tree.

I got caught up in the BIG DREAM and I made many, many mistakes and fucked it up quite a bit but…

The moment I said: ‘I don’t give a shit anymore’ – all of a sudden more and more people were interested in my work and it grew stronger, better, bigger and badder.

Good luck until next time.





The greatest fight you’ll put up


I ask myself

Walking out to the hall

Why do you do it

Even though

Your family life

Your friendships

Your love life



Is not the same

It’s the greatest fight you’ll put up


If it dies with you

You go a trier


That might not be enough


You say

I’m still alive

Right now


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