Subliminal Trump C&W Song


Roped And Thrown By Jesus In In The Bed Get Town You Stuck My Open All Night I’d Go Bowling I Fell Off The Blackboard Of My Heart (It Ain’t There) Her I Flushed Trump From The Love You Just Ask My Wife Tears Have Washed “I Love You” Time I Thought About Leaving Toilets Of My Trump Heart. Of My Ever Gave Me Was the Best Just Kiss on the Lips But Life You’re The Reason My Life? Trump Will Destroy Life I Been Box I’ve Got You In You Can’t Have Got Love All Over Me Can I Miss You If You Her, But She’s Pretty You Were Only A Splinter As I Keep Forgettin’ I Forgot About In Prison, But They Can’t Stop Looks Like You My You Get Out From Under Him Plastic Trump Twang My Head Hurts, Me, Can I Come Too? I Come Too? It Ain’t Love but It Your Welfare Line If If She Puts Lipstick On Face Ain’t Gonna Be There You I Wanna Whip Know Whether To Kill Myself Or Backwards, So I’ll Think You’re Walking The Only Hell Mama Ever Raised Side The Worst You I Sure Do Miss Him Me, Jesus, Through The Goalposts Of You Throw That Fryin’ Pan, My Find On You American Heartland She Dawg Fight, Cause I’m Afraid Of Trump She’d Thank God And Greyhound She’s Gone I Can’t Love Your Without Do You Love Kill She Got The Body If Your Heart’s Not In  Velcro Arms, Teflon Heart I’m So Miserable Thinking About Trump Without You Don’t The Next Time Ever Since I Said “I Do,” Love Don’t Vote Trump You’re the First On My Ears And My Glasses and Shot It Off a Log We Get Back To the Farm It Takes Me All Bridge Washed Out, I Can’t Swim A Buffalo Herd You Done Tore Out My Heart And Full Of Nickels, I’d Blow It If I Voted Trump So Don’t There’s a Lot of Things You On Deere Was Breaking Your Field, While Shaft Don’t Vote Trump She Got The Bypass This Heart Middle America She’s Even Woke Me Up to Say My Life I Don’t I Don’t Know Whether to All On You If Can See Through You Song Titles Drop Kick Trump It’s Like Having You Here Get Over You As Soon As It Please Don’t Vote Trump I Wish I As Good As You Look? As You Look? Is Killing Me Please Don’t Cry On My I Ever Had She Heart In a Old Tin Can Windshield Of Life  I’m Heart My Wife Ran Wino To Decorate Our Home Do Not Vote Trump Say I Love You When You as Bad as Holding You Feels At With A And Shoulders ‘Cause You’re Rustin’ My Spurs Your Love And I’m Waiting In Be Better Off in a Pine You’re Off My Back Only Hell Mama Ever Raised Time I’m Gonna Beat You to Are Slipping Down, But Baby I Her Teeth Were Stained, But Her No Trump They May Put Me Gold Mine And I Got The the Truck Hell Stays The Bathroom Of Your Heart The Last Word In You Don’t Leave Me Alone, I’ll Used To Do All Night Long Won’t Go Away? Won’t Go Away? How he Best Of The Worst Country-western and My Baby’s on the Other My Feet Stink, And I Don’t Off With My Best Friend, And Trump Is Dangerous She Made Toothpicks Out Win Trump Is A Twat I’d Rather Day Silver Is Were Bigger Than My Heart I Couldn’t Spell Yuck! Couldn’t Spell Yuck! Dump Trump She’s Got Freckles On I Can’t Be Number One In on My Conscience But At Least Me (I’m Checking Out on You) Heart Was A Pure Trump Is Evil How Were In Dixie Tonight, But She’s Stomped That Sucker Flat Your Dear John Was Breaking My You If Love Were Nose Were Timber, I’m Falling in I Married Her Just Because She I Bought the Boots That Just (That’s When We Really Go To My Face From Breakin’ Out Don’t Vote Trump I’ve Been Flushed From Feels Like A New Man Tonight of No Return This Our Baby’s So Ugly  Love Jesus But Don’t Vote Trump My John Good  If Fingerprints Showed I’m Kissing You Goodbye It Don’t Hurt Half I’m Gonna Hire A Mind I Got In A Goodbye We Used to I’ve Got The Hungries For Oil, I’d Be One Quart Low I Changed Her Oil, She Changed. Oil, She Changed But She Didn’t Vote Trump You Can’t Roller Skate In The Trump Frontal Lobotomy

Mike Ferguson
Illustration Nick Victor

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